Enjoy high efficient hot water with a natural gas on demand water heater

This versatile form of hot water supply is arguably the best way to provide a building with domestic or sanitary hot water. This type of water heater never runs out of hot water and can even be used to supplement your heating.

Natural Gas On-Demand Water Heater

Benefit From Consistently Available Rebates & Innumerable Benefits

Natural gas on-demand water heaters last three times as long as a standard tank and come with a far superior warranty. This option has a large, consistently available rebates for several years. They can be used to heat the water for an apartment building or a home. We can pair the units to provide increased sizes for commercial and larger home applications.

Be sure to visit Fortis BC website to find out if the furnace you want has a rebate. It most likely does and our project managers will help you acquire any grants or rebates that are available for a system you purchase from us.

Never Run Out Of Hot Water Again

If you have a natural gas water heater or are thinking about changing to gas, you should consider a high-efficiency on-demand water heater. Since it does not store water, it saves energy. Another benefit is a continuous, reliable source of hot water.

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