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We supply buildings with high-efficiency heating and cooling using renewable energy via well-designed ground and air source heat pumps.

Heat Pumps, Ground, & Air Source

Lower Your Heating Bills
By Being Kinder To The Environment

We have many products that can offer you clean and efficient heating, including air source and ground source pumps. In the case of a large property with access to a well, pond, or lake, we can install an efficient “pump and dump” system. This system can utilize the water for heat transfer without contaminating it.

Be sure to visit Clean Homes BC website to find out if the furnace you want has a rebate. It most likely does and our project managers will help you acquire any grants or rebates that are available for a system you purchase from us.

Enjoy Rewards When Referring A Friend To Our Renewable Energy Solutions

Any customer that refers us to a friend for an electric heat pump installation will be able to choose and receive either a $50 Amazon gift card or a $50 Skip the Dishes gift card. Their friend will also receive a $100 discount on their installation bill. Quote promo code “HPWH50” when you reach out to us.

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