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Rheem Furnace & Heat Pump

Rheem Econet Wifi Thermostat Included

Take advantage of the ultimate level in high efficient heating with the addition of cooling. This system will provide heating at an approximate average of 279.4% efficiency over the course of a year. On average this means our clients save two-thirds of their heating bills after upgrading to this system. You will also take advantage of cooling in the summer months and a free upgrade to a Rheem Econet wifi thermostat to take advantage of all the features of your new top of the line system. We will supply and install one Rheem Heat pump Model: RP17 with associated indoor coil and high efficient furnace model R96V100 capable of heating and cooling a home of no more than 4074 ft2. Rebates available for this installation: $3000 (when combined with a Rheem R96V Furnace) from Clean Homes BC and a $500 for an electrical upgrade, if one is needed. This unit must be paired with a qualifying air handler or furnace.


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Accolade Plumbing and Heating takes great pride in being highly trained in heating systems. We can size and design systems right on the spot during initial conversations and inspections of a building. Our managing technicians fill a large portion of the forms out for the client and educate them on the process to make it go smooth. We dedicate ourselves to making our customers more comfortable, with our installations, and helping our customer gain access to multitude of rebates available.

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